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About Us

We Are A Unified Media Solutions and Business Development Consulting Firm


"It's Better to be the Hammer than the Anvil."


Irons Media Group provides "Unified Media Solutions and Business Development Consulting" to small and medium sized businesses throughout the country. We are part of the J. Mark McLaughlin, LLC companies located in the Birmingham, Alabama metro area. We work out of our rustic offices located at the entrance to Donna's Dream Farms in Shelby County. 


We bring over 60 years of Marketing/Advertising/Business Experience to you to empower your message and to motivate those you're wanting to reach to engage and respond. Our folks have the Certifications and Education to strengthen that experience, supporting our mission to provide exceptional marketing solutions for local business owners across the country.


Meet The Team...


Mark McLaughlin: President

205-678-9079 Ext. 701

Mark may be the boss but he takes an active roll in the everyday details at Irons Media Group, directing and overseeing the planning and execution of the communication strategies and programs we produce. He serves as the crisis manager which, thankfully, doesn't require much of his time so he is able to create innovative ideas and provide solutions to our team based on consumer insight and data. Also, as the boss, Mark is responsible for the development and maintenance of our company's overall strategy, business plan, and all the other gory details, allowing the rest of the crew to interact with clients, build strong relationships and produce great results.


Ralyn McLaughlin: Creative Consultant

205-678-9079 Ext. 702

Every successful business needs at least one outside-the-box thinker and designer - Ralyn is ours. She brings a world of energy and creative skills to every project, helping our team to generate engaging products. As the Creative Consultant, Ralyn recognizes opportunities to develop new products and services that our clients love. She creates layouts, characters, special effects and graphics for websites, multimedia presentations and a wide variety of marketing materials both in print and online.


Micah McLaughlin: Media Consultant

205-678-9079 Ext. 704

Micah is our point man for developing plans for both prospective and existing clients. Primarily, his focus is ensuring that all of us at Irons Media Group keep personal service for every client as our top priority. He has an extensive list of responsibilities centered on developing personal relationships with each of our clients in order to create, develop and maintain detailed plans tailor-made for them. From initial contact to implementation to account management, Micah maintains open communication with our clients to ensure all objectives are met.


Marie Mallory: PR & Communication Specialist

205-678-9079 Ext. 705

As the PR & Communication Specialist for Irons Media Group, Marie is the go to person for public/media relations, corporate communications, and content creation for our company. Around here, we keep her busy with a lot of writing and editing and she is responsible for building and maintaining our blog. She is the point of contact for all media outlets and journalist and keeps us on track when we are planning events.


Jerome Arnold: Media Consultant

205-678-9079 Ext. 706

Jerome brings his business experience to our clients helping to form their expectations and manage the relationships through the maze of possibilities. He looks for what works best for the client to get the most effective results in the shortest possible time. In other words, Jerome is always working to create, develop and maintain the best plan for reaching and communicating with our clients' potential customers. From the first conversation through the strategic thinking process, Jerome maintains and ensures we stay focused on the objectives of our clients.


Strategy before Tactics.